Mr. Gordhan Hironi


We at Saint Joseph Shiksha Samiti strongly feel that “The future of India is shaped in class rooms” and I am sure you will appreciate the role of the teacher as the pivotal point in shaping the future of our country in general and student community in particular. Since, an institution is judged by the quality of the citizens it produces, we are of the opinion that the education we offer should develop competent, talented personalities equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence and at the same time having been endowed with patriotic spirit and a strong will to serve the society and the nation.

The Management,Faculty and Staff of Saint Joseph College for Technical Education are fully aware of our responsibilities in Life-building and character making of the student. Our mission is not just providing a solid educational foundation but to build their careers, to make them eminent personalities in the society and to make the industry doors open to them. Saint Joseph College for Technical Education always believes in making a difference in the field of education to take our institute to the peak of success.